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Lindsey Mink

Lindsey.pngAs a recent high school graduate, I was ecstatic when I was given an internship opportunity with Briteskies. I was eager to work with a real world marketing team and apply the skills I learned in high school as well as acquire new knowledge of the marketing field. 

My first day was hectic as I was introduced to the entire Briteskies team, given a welcome presentation, shown to my own clean, spacious work area, taken out to lunch, and given paper work discussing all of the projects I would be working on over the summer. When I left that day I felt slightly overwhelmed and I wondered if I was ready for this. As time went on I quickly realized how friendly and helpful the Briteskies staff was and my nerves were soothed. I became excited for the experience I was going to have as a Briteskies intern.

I was first tasked with small jobs such as researching basic topics and working with Survey Monkey to create customer satisfaction surveys. As I became more comfortable with content I began writing curated blogs for the website and tweets for the Briteskies twitter account. Throughout this internship I also learned how to use programs such as HubSpot, where I set up information to be socially shared, and WordPress, where I edited a variety of landing pages. In addition, I was given the chance to attend and participate in weekly team marketing meetings, conference calls, and the company’s quarterly meeting. With this experience I was familiarized with the skills I may need for a marketing career and the inner workings of a successful marketing team and company.

Through close observation and interaction, I also learned the components of a strong team, and the power of open and honest dialogue between team members. The biggest lesson this internship has showed me is that it is completely normal to make mistakes. Coming into Briteskies, I was afraid to be anything less than perfect. After working with the Briteskies team, I saw that making mistakes is the only way I can truly grow and broaden my span of knowledge.

Interning at Briteskies has taught me more than I imagined it would. This internship has helped me develop into a well-rounded and balanced person. I gained work-related knowledge, people skills, life skills, and confidence in my ability to successfully tackle future internships and jobs. I am sad to be leaving the colorful Briteskies team, but I am thankful for everything I learned from them.

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