How to Choose a JD Edwards Partner

Hannah Gierosky

JD_Edwards_PartnerSo, you have decided on JD Edwards for your ERP platform. Congratulations! You have made one of the first major decisions of the project and you have a selected a leader in the ERP industry. JD Edwards has the features that you need for a successful project, and it provides them at a low cost of ownership. But how do you know that you are fully leveraging JDE to its fullest potential?

The best way to get the most out of your JD Edwards platform is to work with a certified partner.

There are a number of resources to turn to in order to determine what makes a good JD Edwards partner, including this list of seven key traits to look for from Syntax. Below are some of those traits that line up with what we have found to be important considerations for choosing a JD Edwards consulting partner.

Covers All Aspects of Your JD Edwards Needs

Once you have established a project scope and success factors, it is important to select a JD Edwards consulting partner that is skilled in the areas necessary for your project. The best way to ensure this is to see examples of your potential partner’s work. Ask for documented success stories that are similar to your project in order to make sure that their industry experience matches your situation.

Can Manage Upgrades

Every JD Edwards upgrade is unique and has its own set of challenges and requirements. In order to ensure that your upgrade is executed as smoothly and efficiently as possible, choose a partner that has completed different kinds of upgrades.

This is especially important for organizations considering moving from JD Edwards World to JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. While EnterpriseOne has a lot to offer, some situations require simply upgrading World. You can read about why our team loves World here.

Committed to Change Management

Your organization is constantly changing, and your JD Edwards implementation needs to keep up. JDE recognizes this and recently switched over to the Agile method of update management. This means that smaller functionality updates will be released more frequently, as opposed to larger, less frequent releases.

In order to stay on top of these changes, be sure to select a partner that has a training strategy in place. Keeping your team on top of the latest that JDE has to offer will keep your implementation running smoothly.

Do you want to partner with Briteskies for your next JD Edwards project? Contact our team.

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