Magento B2B Module: A Briteskies Custom Solution

Derrik Nyomo

Magento B2B Key Features

Magento is a powerful eCommerce software that is a great choice for implementing or expanding an online business. For all of its benefits, however, Magento is not inherently optimized for a B2B environment.

Out of the box, Magento is a B2C commerce site. In order to fully leverage Magento for B2B, some modifications need to be made. The Briteskies development team has been perfecting a Magento B2B Module for various clients over the past few years.

Address Relationships

The biggest change needed in Magento to make it more B2B-friendly was with addresses and accounts. Out of the box, Magento allows for a one-to-one ratio of address to customer. In order to optimize Magento for B2B, our team’s module allows addresses to be assigned to many customers. This allows billing and shipping addresses to be shared by many different people while being managed from the same place.

By changing up the address relationships in Magento, a location can be designated as a headquarters for a company. An organization of customers can be assigned to that location which allows for account linking, shared order history, shared wish list, and gives customers the ability to bill to headquarters while shipping to the necessary branch location.


The B2B module allows a company to create parent-child relationships in Magento, which is crucial for B2B operations. Sorting customers into organizations keeps ERP account numbers organized and provides the opportunity for admins and users within the organization.

Using admins and users gives organizations the ability to apply permissions. This way, headquarters can see activity at other locations, and the catalog can be filtered based on a user’s permissions.

How We Did It

This custom solution was first requested by a customer in order to leverage Magento as a B2B platform. Over the course of several years, the module was tweaked and refined depending on what specific customers wanted.

Along with the address and permission features, over the years we have added quoting features, approval routing, and forms to capture data such as ERP customer numbers, shipping information, and more.

By creating this custom solution, our team has helped clients leverage the power of Magento in the B2B space. Learn about more of our favorite Magento modules here.

Interested in learning more? Contact our team of certified developers or download our Guide to B2B Success for more information.

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