Briteskies' Favorite Third-Party Magento Modules: M2E

Hannah Gierosky

We love working with Magento, and highly recommend it for our clients and their eCommerce needs. But, no platform is perfect, and that’s when third-party modules come in handy. They can be applied to your Magento site to fully leverage its power and utilize it to your business’ success.


M2E Pro is a multichannel provider that allows you to sell products from your Magento store on other platforms such as eBay and Amazon. It integrates the backend of your Magento store with eBay, Amazon, and Rakuten marketplaces to bring your products to a wider audience.

Using M2E Pro, Magento works as your order and product information manager. So, when an order is placed on Amazon, for example, M2E Pro sends the information to Magento. All order and inventory information is handled in Magento, keeping all of the business logic in one place despite leveraging different sales platforms.

One struggle that comes with selling on multiple platforms is the need for different pricing on different platforms. With M2E Pro, merchants can easily apply different pricing strategies to products across their various markets. M2E Pro also allows for task automation and is fully scalable and customizable.  

Because of M2E Pro's partnership with eBay, integration between the two is free. Additionally, while still in beta, integrations with Amazon and Rakuten are free as well. Those beta integrations are slated to become fee-based sometime this year. 

While selling in multiple marketplaces can be a tough task to achieve, this module makes it easier. In fact, according to our development team, M2E Pro is the best module of its kind available. Writing a custom code from scratch would be incredibly difficult and a huge time suck.

Selling in multiple marketplaces can be a tough task, but the M2E module for Magento makes it easier.

Do you have questions about implementing M2E Pro with your Magento site? Contact our talented team of certified Magento developers.

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