Matt Trimmer: Scrum Master

Hannah Gierosky

scrum-masterMatt Trimmer has joined Dave Balser and Gian Genovesi in the ranks of Briteskies Scrum Masters!

Scrum, an integral part of the Agile methodology, defines the process and roles within the development framework. It is intended to deliver functional pieces of software more quickly and in a more flexible approach than the waterfall method. A Scrum Master, one of many Agile certifications, acts as a facilitator within the process between the product owner and the development team.

Matt, a Business Analyst with Briteskies, decided to earn this certification in order to better utilize the method in the Briteskies office.

“We use Agile and Scrum here in the office and the only way to efficiently use it is to have everyone be at least experts, if not certified,” Matt said.

Aside from his daily work in the office, which includes Agile principles, Matt prepared for the test by attending a class led by Winnow Management. The class consisted of two, eight-hour sessions that ended in a Scrum Master Certification test through the Scrum Alliance.

For Matt, one of the most beneficial aspects of the class was the opportunity to see other perspectives of how Scrum is used outside of the Briteskies office. He learned what other organizations are doing, what a pure Agile approach looks like, and what industry leaders think of the value and importance of Agile.

“I needed a better understanding of what Agile and Scrum are outside of just our office. I learned what the real building blocks are and how other people are utilizing Scrum.”

However, the most influential part of the class for Matt was what he is able to apply to the Magento team’s morning standup meetings. He has started encouraging others to refer to their work in terms of tickets as opposed to the various tasks involved.

“By saying ‘I worked on this ticket and it has four hours of work remaining,’ it gives a truer burn down chart and helps keep people on task. The best way to measure how effective we are as a group and keep track of what we can accomplish is to close tickets. That allows us to more accurately forecast the amount of work we are available to do.”

At Briteskies, we fully support our team members’ certification process in alignment with our “learn, stretch and grow” policy. When our team members earn and maintain certifications, it benefits them as individuals as well as Briteskies as a whole. Briteskies fully funds certification efforts for team members, including study materials and exam fees, even for failed exams. This policy encourages our team members to become as educated as possible so that they can provide the best solutions for our customers.

Congratulations, Matt!

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