Monthly Mantra Nominees

Hannah Gierosky

In order to celebrate those mantras, we pick one a month and team members nominate individuals who exemplify that mantra throughout the month. Twice yearly, each of these nominees will be submitted for the Do the Right Thing Award, named for one of our mantras that supports our core beliefs as a company. We are excited to recognize our employees for their commitment to our office culture, which helps keep Briteskies trusted by our customers.

Congratulations to all team members who were nominated for the first four “Mantra of the Month” awards.

Eat Your Frog

Mark Kucalaba

Mark was nominated for his work toward a WebSphere Sales Certification test. He spent late nights and weekends researching the questions in order to compile a study guide that will be useful for others in the future.

Kris Brown

Kris’ work with Shoffee’s OrderGroove deployment merited a nomination. After a failed first attempt due to server issues, Kris accepted responsibility and rectified the situation, resulting in a happy client and successful deployment.

Rosie Biggs

Rosie’s “Eat Your Frog” attitude is apparent when handling any problems or concerns within the office. She is quick to address the issue and handles the resolution quickly and professionally.


Be a Learner, Not a Knower

Gian Genovesi

Gian represents this mantra by always asking questions in an effort to fully understand a customer’s motives and goals. In particular, he was recently able to ask the right questions and listen to the customer, resulting in a multi-year license.

Mike Iaconis

Mike is never afraid to seek out the advice of his colleagues when he needs it. He can admit when he does not have all of the answers, and reaches out to others when looking for a solution.

Derrik Nyomo

Derrik is the consummate learner. His continued efforts took him from Network Administrator to Certified Magento Plus Developer. He always handles any issues that arise by keeping his cool and asking all of the right questions.


Clear and Open Communication

Stefanie Rhine

During a healthcare switch in the office, Stefanie constantly communicated with the Briteskies team and never hesitated to keep everyone updated. Her communication ensured that everyone knew what was going on and helped make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.


Customer Focus

Nathan Giri

Nathan takes Customer Focus seriously, putting in overtime, travelling to customers or working weekends to make the customer happy. He is so trusted by our iSeries clients that he continually receives thank you notes and notes of recognition for his hard work.

Derrik Nyomo

Derrik’s Customer Focus not only impacts Briteskies external customers, but internal customers as well. He is always willing and able to solve technical issues in the office without complaint.

Dave Balser

Dave always has the customer’s best interests in mind. Because of his knowledge of his clients’ businesses and his JDE expertise, Dave is so trusted by his customers that he is often considered as part of their internal team.

Mike Iaconis

Mike’s nomination came after he received an urgent request from an iSeries customer while he was in the middle of two other projects. He responded immediately and was able to efficiently solve the issues at hand and put in the extra hours to do so. The result was a satisfied customer who brought attention to Mike’s great work.


We are All a Team

Michelle Kowalski

Despite being one of the newest team members, Michelle jumped right into her role and took on a large number of responsibilities. Along with her design projects, she redesigned the website and oversaw the necessary content transfers, all while maintaining a positive attitude.

Lee Jayne

After her position with a customer for several years was eliminated, Lee’s attitude never wavered. Her new assignment was initially part-time, but it became a full-time post thanks to Lee’s skills and expertise.

Matt Wolf

For over ten years and through various personnel and management changes, Matt has reliably served both Briteskies and his clients as an excellent iSeries lead. He has superior Avery systems knowledge and is always willing to help his team members.

Stefanie Rhine

Stefanie’s role in the new website project led to a host of new responsibilities, which she took on confidently. She communicates quickly and efficiently while still maintaining her other roles in the office outside of this project.

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