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Briteskies Quarantine Playlist

Briteskies Culture includes and is not limited to a love for music! In early April we created a Collaborative Playlist on Spotify and asked our team to add songs they have been listening to during the COVID-19 quarantine. We called it the Briteskies – Songs to Help You Get Through Quarantine playlist. We also asked for a brief reason they added the song to the list. We loved reading the results as it shared some of the personal moments everyone was experiencing when a certain song would play and what the song meant to each of them. We invite you to take a journey through music with the Briteskies family and challenge you to listen to something good that gets you up and dancing today!

Here’s what our group chat looked like while people were adding songs to the list:

Rosie Biggs

For starters: I added Sunday Best by Surfaces because it literally makes me happy every time I hear it. No matter what day of the week this song is my jam!

Every day can be a better day, despite the challenge
All you gotta do is leave it better than you found it
It’s gonna get difficult to stand, but hold your balance
I just say whatever ‘cause there is no way around it ‘cause"

Dave Balser

I added Soothing by Laura Marling, a British folk singer. This song has a melancholy jazz/blues feel to it that I seem to be drawn to lately. Ebb and Flow is on the list because I need a song with banjo in it to keep my reputation with Hannah.

Matt Trimmer

I added Summertime Blues by Bruce Springsteen at the Agora. This song kicked off his iconic ‘78 show. The Spotify version doesn't have Kid Leo's introduction that the album version has unfortunately, but Bruce thought it was strong enough to include in his top cover songs.

This song is strangely relevant now as most people are having summertime blues of their own, but personally (even before the quarantine), it’s a song I play to my baby almost every night before bed. When she’s tired and fussy, just hearing Kid Leo start to talk calms her down and then she giggles while we dance to this song. 

Robert Nettgen

The Police - Don't Stand So Close to Me (self-explanatory). 

Amy Neal

Keeping with that theme, I'm thinking also I Am a Rock by Simon & Garfunkel.  

I touch no one, no one touches me" 

Gian Genovesi

I added four wonderfully random songs:

  • Young & Alive by Bazzi because I am thankful to be young and mostly alive, ha.
  • No Stylist by French Montana because like no other time in my life have I been happier to wear the clothes that comfort my true self...sweats...everyday....for weeks.
  • Adore You by Harry Styles because I just adore you all.
  • House Work by Jax Jones because we're all working in our houses.

Mallory Bush

Who put Face Everything and Rise [by Papa Roach] on the Briteskies playlist? I saw them last year at an arena and Jacobs went up into the seats for that song. First time I ever wished I didn't have GA tickets!  

Stefanie Rhine

My secret life you all didn't know about - back in the day I was known to hang out in the mosh pit and did some stage diving/crowd surfing until I got a concussion and then I took a break and then I switched it up to Bob Dylan and the Dead.  

Matt Trimmer

I updated the playlist with a bunch of songs to get through quarantine.

First is We're Gonna Make It by Little Milton. He isn't talking about quarantine, but the sentiment is the same.

Then, I added a few songs that will make you start dancing around your house:

  • The Locomotion by Little Eva
  • Da Doo Ron Ron by The Crystals (this for Amy Neal)
  • Rave On by Buddy Holly
  • Ain't That A Shame by Fats Domino
  • Sweet Soul Music by Arthur Conley
  • Get Rhythm by Little Richard (a Johnny Cash song, but you got to get rhythm when you get the blues, and wanted to sneak in some Little Richard)

Rosie Biggs

On my way to the office this morning, three of my favorite songs played in a row on the radio! That doesn’t happen too often, so I am adding them to the Briteskies Playlist! All of which are spunky and fun – Don’t forget to dance!

  • Fearless by Goo Goo Dolls  
  • Stand by Welshly Arms
  • Bang! By AJR

Leah Avner

Come on to Me by Paul McCartney, it's off his latest album and proves that true talent has no age limit.

Bigger Love by John Legend - if you haven't seen the music video yet, go watch now, it's the quarantine anthem and highlights all the great things people are doing for each other during these trying times.

Bill Onion

Stronger by Kelly Clarkson, Believer by Imagine Dragons, Happy by Pharrell, and So What by Pink – my music choices are all over the board, but each of these work for me, depending on the mood. Kelly reminds us that we’ll come out stronger. Believer speaks to the pain of being quarantined. Pharrell’s song is just happiness - puts me in a good mood every time. Pink reminds us that we’re all still rock stars!

Mallory Bush

I’ve added:

Dead To Me by Blackbear

Blackbear is an artist I’ve just discovered in the last few months; this song was recommended by Spotify for my “breakup bangers” playlist. Listened to it, loved it. I love simple lyrics that perfectly describe a situation.

Told my friends wouldn't let it get to me
Now I see you in my dreams
And the pills won't work
You hate me I'm the worst
It hurt, hurt, hurt"

Why by NF

I had tickets to see NF a few days ago, actually. It’s been rescheduled to August but I’m sure it’ll just be cancelled. I love NF because his lyrics go way deeper than most ~rap~ songs. If you don’t know of him, you should really go peep some other songs.  

Call It What You Want by Taylor Swift

Call It What You Want is today’s favorite Taylor Swift song - if you aren’t aware, I’m…kind of a huge Swiftie. Her Reputation album on the surface is angry and lashing out at Kim, Kanye, and the media in general, but if you dig deeper it’s actually an album about finding love through all the chaos. 

The Man (Live) by Taylor Swift

The Man (Live Performance) - A simple, straightforward feminist anthem, this song is what people would say about Taylor if she was a man (which is also why her name is Taylor. Her parents wanted you to not know if she was a man or a woman if you saw her name on a business card).

They’d say I hustled, put in the work
They wouldn’t shake their heads and question how much of this I deserve"

Resentment by A Day To Remember  

Resentment is ADTR’s second song release off their new album which was supposed to come out in November of 2019 and is still not “finished.” This is the third album they’ve delayed more than six months from the initial release date. I’m getting antsy. I have three tattoos for this band - one album cover and two lyrics.

Hannah Gierosky

I added a few songs that always put me in a good mood! 

  • Countdown by Beyoncé
  • Some Kinda Wonderful by Betty Who
  • Quarter Past Midnight by Bastille

Give our playlist a listen and tell us what song has you dancing with a mask on!

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