Briteskies Weekly Roundup: February 19, 2016

Michelle Kowalski

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Dave Balser, JD Edwards Delivery Director:

I’ve seen people ride unicycles on mountain bike trails before, but I’ve never seen anyone do a trail on rollerblades. Plus, he should wear a helmet (says the father in me). 


Gian Genovesi, Magento Delivery Director:

Apple Encryption

I should start this by being absolutely transparent… I am the first person to trash Apple. Their underpowered, overpriced devices (which, in their defense, are some of the most successful products ever) just aren't for me. Their 'visionary' leader who brought them into this success was a well-documented sociopath / child abandoner, which just adds fuel to my trollboy fire. But as a tech and liberty enthusiast, I have to support and stand by them in what could be the most important tech litigation of this century.  A little background is due…

As a result of the recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Apple has been ordered by our government to create a 'backdoor' in the encryption they have created to protect all users of their iOS devices. The creation of this backdoor introduces a threat to the security of all iOS users for the prosecution of one. Moreover, following this order sets legal precedence which risks the safety of all users whose data may seem attractive to the United States government. I need to be crystal clear here, I have no sympathy for terrorism of any type. I feel terrorists should be shown no mercy when justly convicted of such acts, but the disregard for the security of all under the guise of safety is short-sighted and downright insensible to the safety encryption provides.

Although the intentions of the FBI are most probably honorable, we can't let an isolated incident, no matter how abhorrent, risk the dis-assembly of the security encryption provides by forcing a company to provide a governing body access carte blanche. You can read more about this from a tech industry perspective on TheVerge, TechCrunch, and ZDNet.


John Kormanec, Solutions Architect:

Take a Tour of the New One World Observatory:


Greg Crane, Magento Developer:


Michelle Kowalski, Designer:

A refugee family is reunited with their cat. 

Hannah Gierosky, Marketing Specialist:

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah

I finished this book, about two sisters during WWII in occupied France, this week, and it absolutely DESTROYED me. While I'm a sucker for anthing about France or WWII, I highly recommend it to anyone who is a fan of historical fiction. 


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