What's New with Magento Commerce 2.2?

Hannah Gierosky

magento commerce 2_2.jpgMore exciting news from Magento: Magento Commerce 2.2 has reached General Availability. This release includes numerous functional fixes and enhancements since the initial release a few weeks ago. While there are hundreds of enhancements and fixes, here are a few of the highlights.

Social Selling and Marketing

The Magento Social extension makes it easy for you to sync your Magento product catalog with your social networks, helping you connect with customers and increase sales. This extension includes the ability to:

  • Automatically create a Facebook Store that is synced to your product catalog.
  • Create and run targeted social ad campaigns that are populated with product images and descriptions straight from your Magento environment.
  • Leverage machine learning to monitor social ad performance.

By using a Magento-developed program, the seamless integration between the extension and your Magento environment keeps product listings on your social profiles consistent with your product catalog. Magento customers can find Magento Social for free on the Magento Marketplace.

Security and Fraud Protection

Multiple security enhancements are included in this release to keep your Magento implementation secure. The most notable enhancement is that serialize/unserialize has been removed from most code to improve protection against remote code execution attacks.

On the client side, Commerce 2.2 integrates with Signifyd fraud protection to help protect your customers. Signifyd allows customers to:

  • Accept more orders with zero fraud risk.
  • Automatically send orders to be reviewed by Signifyd in real-time.
  • Access Signifyd’s detailed fraud analysis through the Magento Admin panel.

We have integrated with Signifyd on client projects in the past and have seen great results with their extensive fraud protection services.

Inherent B2B Features

Magento Commerce 2.2 has built-in B2B functionality that leverages Magento’s B2C experience for the B2B market. Users can present a more consistent brand experience across all channels as Commerce 2.2 supports B2B and B2C implementations, multiple brands, and multiple geographies on the same platform. Other B2B features include:

  • Company account management to support sales to companies with multiple buyers and varying organizational structures.
  • Custom catalogs and pricing to ensure unique contract terms are support online.
  • Easy integration with backend ERPs through Magento’s open platform, APIs, and extensions marketplace.

Performance Improvements

This release includes a range of performance and scalability improvements. The optimized performance, scalability, and faster deployment time help provide your customers with an improved shopping experience. Some of these enhancements include:

  • An updated B2B-ready cart that now supports orders of up to 300 line items.
  • Enhanced caching that allows for faster page loading.
  • Pipeline deployment that minimizes production downtime when deploying site updates.

To learn more about what’s included in Magento Commerce 2.2, tune into Magento’s upcoming webinar.

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