Why You Should Move to Magento Enterprise 1.14.2

Hannah Gierosky

The Magento platforms boast powerful eCommerce site capabilities, such as custom themes and responsive email templates, at a low cost of ownership, which makes them popular with storeowners around the world.


While Magento Community is often a tempting choice, we have found that the power of Enterprise is worth exploring. Features like PCI Compliance, tech support, and configurable marketing capabilities were incentive enough to upgrade to Enterprise in the past, but Magento recently released Enterprise 1.14.2, and with it a host of new functionalities. Below are just a few of the details included in this release.

New Features and Products

New Visual Merchandiser Category Sorting Rule

Key enhancements to the Visual Merchandiser include five new automated product category sorting rules that help improve customer engagement and sales. With the new rules, merchants can sort products by color, and can rearrange category pages so that something like best sellers or newest products can be put in the top category.

Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager organizes all web site tags so that they can be managed through a Google web interface. Marketers are able to update the tags directly, as opposed to needing help from IT, which saves time and labor. The result is more accurate data collection, making it easier to optimize marketing and personalization efforts.

Gian Genovesi, our Magento Delivery Lead, is looking forward to how the new functions empower the business user. “They have added a bunch of out-of-the-box tags that make it much easier to implement and improve analytics.”

Magento Mobile Software Development Kit (SDK)

The Mobile Software Development Kit gives merchants the resources to create a fully featured Magento mobile app. As Derrik Nyomo, Lead Magento Developer and Network Administrator, pointed out, the SDK will improve the process of creating an iOS app, as it allows for communication between Magento and iOS devices. Additionally, the SDK has a library of resources that make development both easier and quicker.

New Partnerships

Along with the new Magento features, two new partnerships were announced: New Relic Reporting and Lagrange Systems.

The partnership with New Relic Reporting will allow merchants to better troubleshoot their site through code-level visibility into applications. The new extension provides a tighter integration between Enterprise and New Relic, and optimizes site speed.

Lagrange System’s CloudMaestro equips cloud-hosted Magento sites with all the capacity they need to balance traffic and scale servers, especially during spikes in demand.

To learn more about these new features, check out the Magento Enterprise 1.14.2 FAQ document and Release Notes.

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