Worth It: Magento Third-Party Modules

Gian Genovesi

Why Should You Use Third-Party Modules?

Magento is one of the leading open-source platforms and has made huge strides in its progress over recent years. Magento users know that the default Magento Third Party Modules  setup doesn’t offer any extensions for online stores. This is typical- it is a platform, not a “complete” solution for every business. This is why third-party extensions exist, to fill the gap between general site needs and the distinctive, unique needs of your company. We asked our team what their favorite third-party modules were and how they helped customers create more tailored and customized websites.


URapid Flow:  

When I asked our development team what their favorite third-party module is they all said uRapidFlow. Unirgy’s uRapidFlow is able to create both simple and configurable products in one load, regardless of how many data entries are in the CSV file. It creates attributes and categories on the fly and has an effective header mapping system to define columns and their corresponding Magento attributes.  

Other Notable Features:  

  • Ignores empty or commented out rows in the CSV file 
  • Recognizes and skips records that do not require updates  
  • Logs all errors and warnings in a CSV file row 
  • Download images off of the servers 

For our team, one of the best examples of uRapidFlow’s power came when we had a tricky load process with a client. The way that the attributes in this project needed to be loaded was very selective and required a different format than is usually used in uRapidFlow. After discussing the issue with the uRapidFlow team, they were able to customize a load process just for our unique case, providing a smooth load and avoiding a delay in the project.

One Step Checkout Pro:  

One Step Checkout Pro by Amasty is an extension designed specifically for Magento. It simplifies the checkout process for your online customers. There are a number of reasons why customers abandon their carts Customers often desert their online carts due to difficult-to-navigate payment processes. One Step Checkout Pro minimizes cart abandonment by integrating checkout on a single page, which, according to Baymard Institute’s research, can increase an eCommerce site’s conversion rate by 35.26%.  

Other Notable Features: 

  • View order totals upfront that updates dynamically when the customer changes data 
  • Load a fast checkout page that is shorter and easier to fill out 
  • Update item quantity or remove items from the order summary section 
  • Create an account in flow; i.e. all they need to do is add a password while filing their shipping details; if they want to. 

What our team likes most about One Step Checkout Pro is its simplicity. It is easy to install and update. Once installed it integrates easily with themes, other third-party extensions, and new checkout settings appear automatically in the backend administration. It was also built for Magento 2 and is constantly developing the relevant fixes to make sure that One Step Checkout Pro always works effortlessly with the latest version of Magento.  

Multi Warehouse Inventory:  

Our clients primarily exist in a B2B setting, manufacturers and distributors make up a large chunk of our client base, and with this we often see companies needing to manage inventory for multiple warehouses. With Multi Warehouse Inventory by Amasty, you can create as many warehouses as you need, define stock locations, distribute your Magento inventory among the warehouses, keep all stock information at hand and edit all stock values on a grid.  

Other Notable Features:  

  • Easily import stock data 
  • Manage stock right from the product grid 
  • Reduce delivery costs with a smart algorithm  
  • Create shipments in one click 
  • Set custom shipping methods and rates   

Our team likes the simplicity of the back end, this is an extension that can be masted by anyone, with no need for third-party help. It is a must for anyone who is enhancing the default eCommerce capabilities on their Magento site. 

There You Have It:

While Magento offers a library of extensions, third-party modules can help to keep your eCommerce site accurate and easy to use for your customers. With the right mix of Magento and third-party modules,  and the right team behind you. your site will work just the way you need it to. 

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