Integrating WebSphere Commerce With YotPo

Posted by Gian Genovesi

April 13, 2015 | 1:01 PM

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For an eCommerce site, customer-generated ratings and reviews of a product are one of the best features to encourage sales and boost SEO. In a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, 90% of people said that customer reviews influence their buying decisions, and Moz reported that reviews account for 10% of how search engines rank results. Statistics like these, along with the fact that 59% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, make customer generated content an important aspect of a successful eCommerce site.  

A Briteskies client recently decided to integrate YotPo into their WebSphere Commerce site to enable ratings and reviews on their products in order to increase conversion rates.

What is YotPo?

YotPo is a review-generation software that helps create customer content for eCommerce sites.

Their mail after purchase marketing entices the customer to review both the product and their experience with the site. There is also the option to encourage customers to share their reviews on social media in exchange for a discount code. Storeowners can moderate the reviews and view them before they are posted to the product page.

Another aspect of YotPo is the Community Q&A feature, which allows customers to post questions on a product page for the merchant or other customers to answer. There is also a rating system for reviews, where customers can up- or down-vote comments as well as filter for the most helpful reviews.

Our client has a loyal customer base, and they wanted to tap into that resource to let other potential customers how satisfied their current customers were. The various pricing and feature options made YotPo an easy choice for our client.

Integration with WebSphere Commerce

The integration into WCS required the work of a certified developer. For some eCommerce systems, YotPo has a “plug and play” module that can be installed to the site. Our developer wrote a code similar to an iframe on the product page itself. This builds a window to display YotPo information on the product page without actually storing any of the information.

The most difficult part of the integration concerned the orders. Our solution required us to send relevant information to YotPo when an order is placed so that they can follow up with an email.

The YotPo support and development team was very responsive to questions, making this integration even easier.

By integrating YotPo with WCS, our client now has rating and review capabilities on their site to help boost conversion and SEO results.

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