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Posted by Gian Genovesi

May 14, 2014 | 11:17 AM

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The Magento Team surely knew what they were doing when they named their conference Imagine. In only a few short years, Magento has become a leader in open source eCommerce solutions while still maintaining the values it was built upon. It has been an organization that has valued and continues to value people. From the small mom-and-pop shops to global giants and, lest we forget, the people who develop solutions to make the technology come alive, everyone has a place at Magento.

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Tuesday at the conference was a bit bittersweet, what with the recent news that Roy Rubin would be leaving Magento. But once again, the team at Magento nailed the theme: Transformation. As Roy shared in his remarks, transformation is not just the theme at Magento Imagine it is a constant process.

Roy has shared his process with not only the Magento community, but also the entire eCommerce industry since day one. While the Magento community will certainly miss Roy and his vision, leadership and energy, Magento is in good hands.  If the combination of an electric, record-breaking crowd at the opening ceremony was not enough proof, Magento kept the hits coming with the following additional announcements around the future of Magento.

  • The announcement of Ben Marks as the Developer Evangelist set Twitter ablaze
  • “Solution Specialist,” a new certification for architects, Business Analysts and Project Managers
  • Magento 2, which will be out before next year, promises to be more modern, flexible, scalable, and true to the core values of Magento open source
  • The release of Magento Enterprise 1.14 and Community Edition 1.9 features a responsive theme to help merchants succeed in the mobile commerce market.

As a Magento Solutions Silver Partner, we at Briteskies are looking forward to continuing our strong partnership with Magento and helping our customers not only imagine the possibilities but achieve their eCommerce dreams. For more details from yesterday’s activities, check out this link or follow #MagentoImagine on Twitter.

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