Briteskies Weekly Roundup: June 24, 2016

Posted by Michelle Kowalski

June 24, 2016 | 3:07 PM

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When you spend as much time on the internet for work as we do, you come across some crazy stuff. We're sharing our favorite videos, stories, pictures, and more from the past week every Friday. Consider it our gift to you for making it through the week. Feel free to share your own favorite internet find in the comments.

Disclaimer: all opinions reflect the individual who submits them and not Briteskies as a whole or the author of this post.



Greg Crane, Magento Developer:


This was a really fun time. My sister’s Husband volunteers to be a safety kayaker for a swimmer group of veterans in the San Francisco Bay/Alcatraz area. My girlfriend and I got to tag along and help the swimmers out. I of course got stuck in the pink Kayak.


Gian Genovesi, Magento Delivery Leader: 

Microsoft Touts Battery Life Advantages of Edge Browser


Michelle Kowalski, Designer:

Homemade Curtain Might Hold Key in Amy Mihaljevic's Murder

Investigators are looking for any information about a homemade curtain found near Amy Mihaljevic's body in 1989.


Hannah Gierosky, Marketing Specialist:

LeBron James Cries Tears of Joy After Delivering the Cavaliers Their First Title

It's been a big week for Cleveland.  


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