B2B eCommerce and JD Edwards: Bolt-On System vs. Magento

Bill Onion

magento and jde b2b eCommerce.pngWhen it comes to leveraging eCommerce alongside your JD Edwards environment, there are generally two options: utilize an ERP extension or integrate with a full-fledged eCommerce platform.

We’ve worked with a number of clients who were running a bolt-on extension, but more often than not that solution didn’t meet their organization’s needs. In fact, one of our clients described their bolt-on extension as having a “clunky user experience” that required too many clicks to get the job done. It was not intuitive and gave no consideration for user experience.

While a bolt-on system can be a helpful solution in the right situation, we recommend that any organization that is serious about launching or improving their eCommerce experience use Magento integrated with their JD Edwards system.

Why Magento?

Marketing Tools

The marketing tools available in Magento are probably the biggest differentiator between it and a bolt-on extension. Magento gives your organization the ability to implement customer segmentation and personalize the buyer’s journey based on that segmentation. Whether content, imagery, or catalog items, segmentation allows you to hone in on what your customer wants.

Additionally, Magento excels at rule-based product relations. Upsells and cross-sells can be established based on anything from price to manufacturer to customer segment. These features help customize the user experience and drive up AOV.   

Community and Support

Magento’s open source technology and the community surrounding it give users more options than those using a closed platform. Magento has a ton of partners that have experience with the platform, and those partners know how to make the technology work best for each client. That means that you have options based on who you want to work with and what goals you need your Magento site to accomplish.

Additionally, the open source community allows companies to build extensions for the Magento software. If your eCommerce solution requires something different than the out-of-the-box option, there are a number of extensions that can solve that issue for you.

Even without those additions, Magento is a great solution for expanding your JD Edwards environment to include eCommerce. And, because it’s a standalone solution, it isn’t dependent on JD Edwards to function. So, if JDE is down for maintenance, your eCommerce site can keep operating. 

The only thing better than integrating Magento with JD Edwards? Doing so with our team. Our tested solution and team experience have provided great results for a number of our clients. Interested in learning more? Contact us

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