You're Running JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, Now What?

Bill Onion

jde and magento integration.jpgSo, you’ve recently launched or updated your JD Edwards EnterpriseOne environment. Congratulations! Not only does this mean your organization now has a powerful back-office system, but you are now in a prime position to implement eCommerce to further your organization’s success.

In today’s economy, every company should be selling online and every company should be selling with a robust eCommerce platform that drives revenue and provides an elegant shopping experience. Magento Commerce provides a world-class marketing and selling engine for the online audience and when combined with JD Edwards EnterpriseOne you have a feature-rich order management system.

These two systems provide an outstanding customer experience and an easy-to-manage system for the eCommerce Manager. 

Why eCommerce for JDE?

Leveraging eCommerce is more than simply capturing customer orders. A robust eCommerce system delivers a marketing platform that provides the opportunity to exhibit your full product or parts range in an attractive and interactive manner. This allows your customers to navigate effortlessly through your products and it assists them in making a well-informed buying decision. Additionally, eCommerce allows you to proactively market cross- and up-sell items, as well as new items to your customers. 

Simply put, eCommerce is best for driving out costs from the ordering process (through automation) and selling more (and more effectively) to customers and prospects through marketing. It is great for prospecting to new customers, and selling and marketing to existing customers.

Why Magento?

When it comes to marketing and selling online, Magento is our recommended platform. Magento is a standalone eCommerce marketing platform, and a leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. While it’s a powerful tool on its own, it’s made even more powerful when leveraging the order processing of JD Edwards.

Using Magento offers business users a host of benefits right out of the box, including:

  • Full control over product images, descriptions, and attributes
  • Robust SEO capabilities
  • Marketing opportunities, including rule-based cross-sell and up-sell items and customer segmentation
  • A personalized shopping experience based on customer segments and shopping history
  • A fully mobile-optimized site
  • Site optimization for sales and presentation for the customer
  • Line of business tooling intended for business users, not IT

Pairing these capabilities with the power of JD Edwards leads to a solid, dependable, and competitive eCommerce environment.

Are you ready to enhance your JD Edwards environment by integrating with Magento eCommerce? Contact our team to learn more about our integration strategy.  

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