Best of the Blogosphere: April 2017

Hannah Gierosky

Sometimes we come across a blog that is so good that we just have to share it. We will highlight a few of our favorites each month here on the blog, but don't forget to see what else we are sharing on Twitter and Facebook.


Magento Imagine 2017

Another year at Imagine is in the books! Although we weren’t able to attend, it sounds like this year’s Imagine conference was just as inspiring as those of years’ past. Now in its seventh year, Magento Imagine is a gathering of over 2,500 merchants, partners, developers, and commerce experts from all over the world. Held at Wynn Las Vegas, Imagine is a great opportunity to learn more about Magento and the eCommerce industry, gather inspiration for the year to come, and collaborate and network with others in the Magento community.

For those of us who were unable to attend this year, some of the presentations are currently available to view on the Imagine Agenda. While it certainly isn’t the same as being there, this resource gives us a chance to see what we missed.

Were you at Imagine this year? We’d love to hear what you thought! Let us know in the comments.

How People Use Their Devices

We know that consumers continue to use mobile as a constant source of information throughout their customer journey. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that your brand’s messaging and marketing is consistent across devices and channels. In order to build that cohesive strategy, you need to understand more about how people use their devices. Luckily, the team at Google has provided us with some statistics.

The Google team tracked how people interact with and move between their various devices to get things done. Here’s the activity they found for cross-device users in a given day:

  • 80% use a smartphone
  • 57% use more than one type of device
  • 27% use only a smartphone
  • 14% use only a computer

So, how do you use that information to build a stronger mobile strategy? Find out more in the full report from Google.

JD Edwards Business Process Improvement Review

Our team has been hard at work on some recent Business Process Improvement Review projects for clients. A BPR project is a great way to evaluate your company’s software capabilities, whether as prep work for a larger project or as a standalone review. It gives you a holistic view of your organization’s JD Edwards software and provides ideas of ways to better leverage your existing software. If you’re interested in learning more about how a BPR could help your organization, check out our BPR blogs or click below to learn our process.

Click here to learn how to run an effective  JD Edwards Business Process Improvement Review 

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