Briteskies' Favorite Third-Party Magento Modules: Cart2Quote

Hannah Gierosky

We love working with Magento, and highly recommend it for our clients and their eCommerce needs. But, no platform is perfect, and that’s when third-party modules come in handy. They can be applied to your Magento site to fully leverage its power and utilize it to your business’ success.


In the B2B industry especially, a quote on a purchase is usually the first step in the buying process. As a purchaser, it’s important to get the best deal on the necessary product, and you are usually buying large amounts of the same product at a time. The best way to go about that process is to request a quote and compare it to other potential sources. For those B2B eCommerce companies running on Magento, Cart2Quote is incredibly helpful for RFQ.

Cart2Quote is a quotation extension for Magento that gives your site complete Request For Quote functionality. It allows your site to take anything that is in a shopper’s cart and convert it to a quote, and vice versa. While fairly straightforward, it does have a few details that add to ease of use and make the customer experience all the more enjoyable.

This module allows for some approval routing by the site owner. This means that quotes can be approved individually and, once approved, can move straight to checkout. Additionally, pricing can be adjusted on a quote-by-quote basis, allowing a proposal to be created and shared with the inquiring customer.

Another handy aspect of Cart2Quote is its integration capabilities. Cart2Quote will integrate a generated quote with the customer’s CRM or ERP, meaning that a customer can build a quote on your site and send it to Salesforce or another program, which allows sales representatives to go into the program and turn that quote into an actual order.

If you are a B2B company that is just entering the eCommerce space, or you are interested in establishing an RFQ system, Cart2Quote is a great option.

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