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Briteskies sees bright future with Magento

Briteskies made the right move three years ago when the company in Independence started developing websites with Magento.

Over the past several years, Magento, which is owned by eBay, far and away has become the most popular ecommerce platform in the world: A quarter of the world’s top million websites are based on Magento’s open source software, a number roughly equal to the next three competitors combined, according to statistics from the Tom Robertshaw eCommerce survey conducted last February.

So it would make sense that Briteskies considers its Magento development team to be “the rising star in the company,” according to Bill Onion, one of Briteskies’ two managing members.

That team is expected to generate roughly 20% of Briteskies’ 2013 revenue, up from less than 10% last year and almost nothing in 2011, Mr. Onion said.

The Magento team now employs six of Briteskies’ 25 full-time employees.

Magento’s popularity significantly is bolstered by its free edition, but Briteskies for the most part focuses on building websites with Magento’s Enterprise Edition, which is still “stupid cheap” compared to some of the other big-name web development platforms on the market, Mr. Onion said.

“Sometimes we fight the battle, “Why is it so cheap? It can’t be that good, for only fifteen, sixteen grand,’” he said, adding that other platforms can run in the six-figure range. — Chuck Soder

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