Magento Security Scan Tool

Hannah Gierosky

Magento security scan tool.jpgAs everyone with an eCommerce site knows, security is of the utmost importance. Keeping your customer’s sensitive information secure is crucial for instilling trust and keeping your overall site secure will help keep it as efficient as possible. Magento recently announced a new tool to help keep users’ sites secure: Security Scan.

Magento Security Scan

Security Scan allows merchants to regularly monitor their sites and receive updates regarding known security risks, malware, and unauthorized access. This tool provides 30 security tests to identify potential security issues like checking the installation of Magento patches, configuration issues, and whether or not security best practices have been followed.

Merchants who choose to utilize Security Scan will also benefit from:

  • Insight into the real-time security status of their Magento store and how to fix potential vulnerabilities
  • Historical security reports so that progress can be tracked over time
  • Suggested remediation steps for each failed security test

Scans can be scheduled for specific dates and times, and scans can be set up as recurring or on-demand. This free Magento service can be run on any version of Magento Commerce or Magento Open Source.

Magento Security and Managed Services

While these scan results can be incredibly helpful for Magento users, if you don’t know how to execute the remediation steps for failed security tests, then it’s not so helpful after all. And what could be worse than knowing your site needs support but not having a team to perform it? In that case, we suggest entering into a Managed Services agreement with our team. 

Not only will you have access to our team of talented, trained, and certified developers when you need them, but you will have a commitment from our team to timely maintenance and support at a lower rate. Our team provides performance reports like uptime and transaction monitoring, testing, and more. Beyond that, resources can be allocated to content, design, architecture or patches, upgrades, reports, or anything else your site might need.

Security Scan is a free Magento service that can be run on any version of Magento Commerce or Magento Open Source. Magento merchants can learn more about Security Scan directly within their Customer Account, and more information can be found in the Partner Portal.

If you’re ready to take the next step in securing and maintaining your Magento site, contact our team.Download Our Magento Platform Checklist To Find Out If You Should Be On Open Source or  Commerce

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