The Competitive Pressures that Drive Commerce

Hannah Gierosky

competitive pressures.jpg2 Keys to Providing Exceptional Customer Experience

The eCommerce world can be a cutthroat place. If a customer is unhappy with your prices, offerings, or user experience, a competitor is just a click away. So how can a growing eCommerce company keep up with the constantly changing online environment? By paying attention to current trends and adapting to those changes.

Magento has highlighted three pressures currently driving digital commerce in this whitepaper, along with ways to address those pressures. One of those is the demand for an exceptional customer experience across all platforms. There are two key ways to achieve this goal: personalize and keep things consistent.


One of the best ways to provide your customers with a great shopping experience is through personalization. These days, customers expect sites to remember who they are, what they like and dislike, and even anticipate their needs and wants. Gathering information by tracking customer behavior, past purchases, and conversion rates can help create an eCommerce experience that is specific to each customer. 

You can use that information to provide targeted related products and cross-sells, which can help earn more sales. Additionally, actions like abandoned cart or even abandoned browser emails will prove to your customers that you’re paying attention to their shopping experience.  


As we’ve seen over the years, more and more consumers are visiting sites and making purchases on mobile devices. In fact, 40% of all 2016 commerce was transacted on a mobile device. This means that it’s more important than ever to provide your shoppers with a consistent experience across devices.

Of course it’s important to have a responsive website, but you should also be sure to optimize your product pages for a mobile experience. As shoppers move across platforms and channels, you need to deliver a consistent experience. 

But it’s not just your desktop and mobile sites: customers can also experience your brand through social media. In fact, the Magento whitepaper states that 75% of consumers have purchased a product because they saw it on a social channel.

Your organization’s social media profiles need to extend your customer experience to those platforms., especially since customers can now buy straight from their social media feed. So, although the audience and content might be different, you should still hold your social media platforms to the same standards and your eCommerce site.  

Be sure to check out the other solutions to this issue, as well as two additional competitive pressures driving eCommerce, in the full Magento whitepaper.

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