Shipping is How Much?!

Lindsey Mink

magento shipping.jpgIt's a phrase we’ve all heard and most likely all said before. Shipping is one of the major pain points for all companies as 86% of carts are abandoned due to shipping cost and convenience. Often, customers feel cheated as they don’t want to pay (what feels like a million extra dollars) for a box filled with Styrofoam peanuts. As the shipping cost battle rages on it becomes more important to develop solutions that are easy to manage and more user friendly so that customers have less to get frustrated over when checking out.

Introducing Magento Shipping

With the help of a trusted partner, Magento has set out to create a product that helps reduce shipping prices and create a less painful packaging, shipping, and delivery process. A winning combination for the seller and the customer. Streamlining the shipping process enables companies to reduce costs by gaining more control over their shipping and packing expenses. 

Advantages of Magento Shipping

  • Easily connect with global carriers: This new system provides companies with the ability to access leading regional and international carrier networks with seamless carrier registration and activation.                                            
  • Drive customer loyalty and uncover new revenue: Customers want their items delivered as soon as possible and expect deliveries to be made on time. The solution lies in the dynamic display of convenient, competitively-priced shipping options that keeps shipping on schedule.
  • Save time and money: Designed to provide customers with the ability to customize shipment rules so that items are easily picked, packed, and sent from designated carriers and locations, saving companies time and money.

The Goal

Magento Shipping was created to provide businesses an overall less stressful shipping process. By streamlining the shipping process and automating fulfillment, a more cost-friendly, efficient shipping procedure is created. A hidden benefit of the new system may come in the form of a reduced sense of customer annoyance related to shipping, a promotion in customer loyalty, and growth in order conversions as businesses are able to uncover new revenue and expand addressable markets.

Don’t Let Shipping Slow You Down

Shipping costs are an inconvenience to everyone; they drive customers away thus driving your sales down. Don’t let the inconvenience that lies in these costs stop your company from reaching their full potential. With decreased shipping costs your company can reduce their cart-to-door cost and turn abandoned carts into confirmation pages.

Is your organization ready to implement Magento Shipping? Contact our team of certified Magento developers to get started. 

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