The Real World Calls: Part 2

Lindsey Mink

Lindsey.pngHow so much has changed! Last summer I was fresh out of high school and had the opportunity to intern for the Briteskies Marketing Department. I must have done okay (or they were just desperate) because I was given another chance to intern with them this summer. With one year of college under my belt, I was anxious to show the Briteskies team everything I had learned at school and how much I had grown over the past year.  

Although I knew most of the Briteskies team, my nerves were still in full swing walking into the office on my first day. Similar to last year, I was taken on a tour of the office, given paper work to fill out, and shown an outline discussing the projects I would be working on this summer. After a hectic first day, I left feeling eager as I was ready to tackle any project thrown my way.

Throughout the summer I was given a variety of tasks that ranged from writing blogs to social sharing posts to creating engagement surveys. A great deal of my time was dedicated to working with Google Analytics to create and update various statistics regarding the Briteskies website. Through working with Google Analytics, I learned the growing importance of tracking website statistics and how it can help a company to conclude what changes they need to implement as well as what content to create. These projects also allowed me to gain a better grasp on how to use key programs such as Excel, Hubspot, and Survey Monkey. 

One project I am extremely excited to say I was a part of was the rebrand of Briteskies. The location, atmosphere, brand, and vision were all undergoing a major remodel. Through observation at team marketing meetings and hands-on tasks such as helping with website redesign, I saw the different difficulties, responsibilities, and pay-offs of rebranding a company. Throughout this process I gained a lot of insight on various marketing practices such as landing page conversion tactics, content marketing strategies, and search engine optimization techniques.

The biggest thing I gained this summer was a confidence in myself that I didn’t have before. I was always unsure of myself and felt I was inadequate to complete large, important projects. While I still have a lot to learn, I have a new appreciation of my ideas, knowledge, and capabilities to successfully complete tasks thrown my way. With that being said, I owe a BIG thank you to the Briteskies team for being patient with me, working with me, and teaching me these past two summers. I am excited to use the skills and knowledge I have gained at Briteskies in my everyday life and future endeavors. 

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