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Hannah Gierosky

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10 Ways to Use Instagram for Ecommerce Marketing

Instagram is an increasingly popular social network, and it’s one that can be incredibly beneficial for companies, despite its lack of business-specific features. Retailers on Instagram have access to the platform’s 300 million users, with 60% of those between the ages of 18 and 34. This article from Practical eCommerce highlights ten ways to use Instagram for eCommerce Marketing, including the following four:

  • Integrate Instagram Photos into Your eCommerce Website: If you are already marketing your products via Instagram, utilizing apps such as Websta places those pictures on your site and gives the customer another perspective of your product.
  • Showcase Customers Using Products: This gives your audience a sense of how customers use your products in real life. Plus, your customers create the content, which can cut marketing costs.
  • Show Behind The Scenes Photos: Reminding your customers that your company is made up of people is a great way to make a connection with them. Showing fun pictures of your company’s culture establish a personality and break up product-only pictures.
  • Use Instagram’s Video Capabilities: Instagram isn’t just about pictures! Utilize their 15-second videos to show your products in action.

Check out the full article for the rest of Practical eCommerce’s tips on using Instagram for marketing.

How to Transform Customer Service From Okay to Outstanding

The first rule of any kind of commerce is that the customer is always right. The best way to show you value your customer is through excellent customer service. Good customer service can increase customer loyalty and company revenue. This post by Carol Hildebrand dives into ways to take your company’s customer service from okay to outstanding, specifically through knowledge management.

Knowledge management involves capturing, developing, sharing, and making the best use of organizational knowledge. Knowledge is gathered in order to achieve such goals as innovation and improved performance of the organization.

As Hildebrand says in her post, “knowledge management is critical for good customer service, particularly as web self-service makes it easier for customers to get answers on their own terms.”

One example of knowledge management is discovering who is interacting with which content or data. This kind of information can help to build personas to target your content to the right audience.

Be sure to read the rest of Hildebrand’s tips for boosting your customer service.

Mobile Optimization and the Google Algorithm Change—7 Steps to Stay Friendly

Do you have questions about Google’s mobile-friendly algorithm? There are only a few short weeks until the April 21st release date to make sure that your site is prepared. Andy Betts posted a great article on Search Engine Watch that breaks down what this release will mean for site owners, including 7 Ways to Stay Mobile Friendly. Check out the full post for more information.

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