Julia's Marketing Internship Experience

Posted by Julia Pilla

December 9, 2016 | 10:30 AM

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Julia_Headshot-1.jpgWe recently said farewell to our Fall marketing intern, Julia. Here's what she had to say about her experience with the Briteskies team.

I first heard about Briteskies through a friend who had previously interned here. She informed me of an internship opening available. I contacted Briteskies shortly after and was offered an internship for the Fall of 2016. I would be completing this internship while also being a full time student at Case Western Reserve University.

Going into Briteskies, I really was unsure of what to expect. This was my first internship experience and I had very minimal knowledge of Briteskies and how their company operated. From the first day, I was pleasantly surprised by the team and the atmosphere they set.

Since it was my first day, everyone in the office was treated to lunch from Panera. I was given my own desk, set up with a laptop, and given a Briteskies fleece.

I started off by researching more about the company. Once I was more acquainted with the company and understood more about Briteskies and the eCommerce industry, I was able to do more. I was given different topics to research, learned more about B2B marketing, inbound marketing, and social media marketing. I shared what I learned through the official Briteskies Twitter and LinkedIn pages through Hubspot.

What I enjoyed and appreciated the most about this internship was that I received tasks and projects that in the end, would make a difference. Along with posting on social media and writing blogs, I was given a project to take look at the Briteskies LinkedIn page, analyze it, and come up with ideas and solutions to better promote that page. This was a great experience because I took what I learned in my classes, including marketing techniques and data analytics, and applied it to a project that was real and could affect the company in a positive way. It felt good to be working on something that mattered.

My time at Briteskies went by very quickly, but I truly enjoyed the opportunity to intern here. Going into an internship while also being a full-time student seemed like a very daunting task. Along with classes I was either in charge of or a member of multiple clubs on campus. This made balancing everything difficult at some points, but those I worked with were very flexible about the schedule and trusted that I could make this work and accomplish my assigned tasks.

I’m thankful for my team and everyone who made me feel welcome with my time here. I learned so much useful information that I will take with me into whatever my next marketing endeavor may be.

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About Julia Pilla

Julia is currently a 3rd year student studying Marketing Management at Case Western Reserve University. In her free time Julia enjoys spending time with family and friends, participating in theater, and performing in Case’s premiere short form improv comedy troupe, IMPROVment. While interning at Briteskies, Julia is looking forward to gaining valuable e-commerce marketing experience.


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